The Company of Strangers, Gus Powell, 2007

The Company of Strangers

Gus Powell


J&L Books

Gus Powell lives in Brooklyn. These pictures were taken during his lunch hours over the last few years.

A witty, breezy, utterly confident variation on color street work in the tradition of diCorcia, Meyerowitz, and Winogrand. -- Vince Aletti, Photograph, November/December 2003

The Company of Strangers, showcases (Powell's) subtle, unassuming art... delicate patterns... like a dance, run through the work. -- Marmalade magazine (UK), Fall 2003

What most New Yorkers regard as a tolerable nuisance, photographer Gus Powell sees as a vital stage for unpredictable dramas. -- Print magazine, March/April 2004


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