Tony Mendoza, Tony Mendoza, 2007

Tony Mendoza

Tony Mendoza


Nazraeli Press, Portland, OR

In the summer of 2004, Mendoza closed down his black-and-white darkroom and purchased a digital camera. On his first outing with the new equipment, he began photographing his wife Carmen's plot at the community garden near their Columbus, Ohio home. Accustomed to looking -- through his years of photographing cats and dogs from their own perspective -- at the world from a low vantage point, he photographed the flowers, ants, bees and weeds from a worm's eye view. Mendoza continued his project through the seasons, both in Columbus and San Francisco, where the stormy, foggy and overcast skies provided a perfect backdrop to the flowers and their companions. A compelling selection of these photographs is presented here in an oversized format, in a first edition limited to 1000 copies.

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