Lifeline, Mariana Cook, 2017


Mariana Cook


Madrid: Ivorypress, 2017; text by Jorie Graham, translation by Ruben Martin

This book is the result of 16 years of Mariana Cook's work (1999-2015) on the relation between life and time. Even if Cook is normally associated with her work as a portrait photographer, this time she focuses on the contemplation of everyday objects; Objects as a human footprint in time. Playing with times of exposure to light and the negative / positive binomial, Cook makes the invisible show up in the relation between matter and essence. The gaze is presented as inside the camera, visualizing the thread of life. The passage of time through objects overlooked in a glance. "The light abstractions and grey lined pictures were taken," says the photographer, "during the last days of my mother's life when I was in her apartment waiting for her to die."

Price: $40

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