Mariana Cook & Lucinda Devlin: Abstractions of the Real


PRESS RELEASE: Mariana Cook & Lucinda Devlin: Abstractions of the Real, Oct  1 - Dec 31, 2022

Mariana Cook & Lucinda Devlin: Abstractions of the Real
Oct 1 – Dec 31, 2022

To my knowledge, the American photographers, Mariana Cook and Lucinda Devlin, have never met. Mariana is a New Yorker, and Lucinda is from Michigan.  Both women seize a subject, do the research and travel widely to make their photographs.

Both artists work with square-format cameras and available light. Cook may crop an image slightly in the printing; Devlin always prints the entire negative.

Cook’s photographs are selenium toned silver prints.  She spends long hours in the darkroom, developing and printing—having been one of the last protégés of Ansel Adams.  Devlin began her career by shooting in black-and-white, but by 1976, realized that she was seeing and experiencing her subjects in color and eventually moved to color film.  In 2007 she stopped using film and added a digital back to her Hasselblad camera.

Mariana is well-known for her portraits, both in her studio and on location.  Lucinda suggests their presence, but ultimately avoids the depiction of human-beings in her work. Both photographers have been published widely, with many books to their credit.

This current on-line exhibition explores both photographers’ less known, more abstract visions.

 --Lee Marks