Lucinda Devlin: Lake Pictures


PRESS RELEASE: Lucinda Devlin: Lake Pictures, Jun 24 - Sep 20, 2020

Lucinda Devlin: Lake Pictures
Jun 24 – Sep 20, 2020

Lake Pictures is a series of photographs of Lake Huron, one of the Great Lakes bordering the state of Michigan. The pictures—taken at the same place, during the four seasons, and at different times of day and night—explore the changing atmospheric nature of the lake through the prisms of water, sky, color, light, place, space and time. Looking at this immense body of water and the sky above, both initially seem boundless, as if stretching forever into the distance. Only the fine horizon line between the two separates and joins them, pulling us into each photo and reminding us that this sense of infinity is but an intriguing optical fiction.

A selection of Lake Pictures will be shown by Lee Marks Fine Art at the upcoming on-line show, Photo L.A. Virtual Collect + Connect, June 27-28. To attend the show, visit